History of Redditch Anodising

Redditch Anodising Factory In the 30 years since its inception, Redditch Anodising has gained an enviable reputation for consistent quality and responsiveness to customers' demands for on-time deliveries. Over these three decades Redditch Anodising has enlarged its range of processes offered and now constitutes a one-stop supplier of aluminium finishes. These encompass all types of anodising (sulphuric, chromic and hard) together with chromate conversion coating and powder coating.

As an early adopter of Quality Assurance accreditation, Redditch Anodising has held initially BS5750 and currently BS EN ISO9001-2008 for over 20 years.

Awarded Gold Award for 2008 annual supplier for best on-time delivery. Eaton Aerospace.

Welcome to Redditch Anodising

Redditch Anodising offers a full range of finishes on aluminium; clear and coloured sulphuric acid anodised bright or matt, including electrolytic bronzes, for aesthetic or functional applications.

Engineering and aerospace requirements can be met with hard anodising and chromic acid anodising and chromate conversion (Alocrom).

Through our powder coating company, Armadillo Coatings, we can apply epoxy or polyester powders, with chromate or for severe environments anodised pre-treatment. We also offer passivation of stainless steel and application of dry-film lubricants.

Redditch Anodising has extensive in-house testing facilities to ensure compliance with customers specification such as film thickness, sealing quality, micro hardness and Taber abrasion resistance.

Every specification flightbar processed is checked for seal quality and subjected to a statistical check for appearance and film thickness.

How To Find Us

Unit 37, The Washford Ind Est
Heming Rd, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0DP

01527 526855

01527 502856

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