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Armadillo Logo The benefits of using our energy-efficient camel back oven and off-line spraying means that we can handle awkward components as well as the more straightforward sections and pressings which we process. The components can be pretreated with chromate or anodic films. For marine applications, for instance, an anodic film has been shown to give better performance. We carry a range of colours in epoxy, epoxy/polyester and polyester bases. Contact us for our current stock-list.

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Redditch Anodising has in-house analysis and testing facilities enabling us to ensure the consistent quality of our processes and products. Statistically determined sample lots from each flight bar processed are tested for film thickness and seal quality before packing and regular checks are made on film characteristics such as abrasion resistance (using a Taber Abraser) and chromate films (by strip and weigh). A Vickers microhardness microscope enables us to check the hardness of hard anodised films.

Taber Abrasion Tester Vickers Microhardness microscope Eddy Current Meter


It often makes sense when determining the process requirements to run samples before finalising the finish. At Redditch Anodising we are happy to do this free of charge to help in the specification process prior to volume processing.

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