Sulphuric Acid Anodising

Conventional sulphuric acid anodising has applications for both aesthetic and functional purposes with film thicknesses typically between 3 and 25 microns in bright or matte, clear (silver) or coloured finishes. We are able to offer gold, black, red, blue or purple in dyed finishes and a range of electrolytic colours which comprise a spectrum of bronze colours from a light champagne through darker bronzes to black. The benefit of the electrolytic colouring is that the resulting shades are not susceptible to fading as the pigment is tin metal.

Aerospace Panels Blue Parts Etched Silver Sections

Sealing of the anodic film after anodising is an important factor in the final performance characteristics and we offer conventional boiling water, cold seal (impregnation) or dichromate sealing. Pure water for these processes is provided by our reverse osmosis plant.

As with all the anodising processes it is worthwhile discussing with us factors such as alloy grade, film thickness, jigging points etc., depending upon your application and service requirements. We carry a wide range of titanium and aluminium jigs to cope with the varied shapes and sizes of components that we anodise.

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